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Fun Things To Do In Manhattan Beach, California

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

From exploring local boutiques to shaking the sand, Manhattan Beach is a hub for shopping, surf, and the sun. This deluxe beach town is home to world-class shopping, endless outdoor activities, and great restaurants which makes it an ideal travel destination for all seasons. Here are the fun things to do while in Manhattan Beach, California.


The favorite pleasure in Manhattan Beach for most people is a simple one. Walk or bike on beachside sidewalk commonly known as The Strand. Visitors would never run out of stuff to see while strolling for miles in each of two directions. You will go along the waterfront of Manhattan Beach from the pier's north but if you go south, it is approximately two miles to downtown Hermosa Beach and the Hermosa Beach Pier.

There are also skateboarders, joggers, rollerbladers along the way, and keep your eyes open for dolphins in the ocean. Rental electric bikes are available in the area for those who didn't bring their own bike. While taking a break during your walk or biking, you can stop at one of a few bars, cafes, and restaurants for a snack and drink.


Manhattan Beach is a famous spot for surfing and of the beaches in the city, El Porto is recognized as a top place in Los Angeles to surf. El Porto presents some sizable waves that seasoned surfers will love and enjoy thanks to the underwater cave. One Wave Surf School provides surfing lessons for locals and visitors for more than a decade. If you love riding the waves or dreamed of knowing how to surf, grab your board and have a good time in Manhattan Beach.


Manhattan Beach Blvd & Ocean Dr, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The hexagonal-shaped, red-roofed building at the furthest part of the Manhattan Beach Pier is what makes it one of Santa Monica Bay's prettiest and most popular piers. Another thing that completes the iconic scene is the palm trees that line the parking lot. The pier is also home to an aquarium that displays local marine life and includes touch tanks.

The Manhattan Beach Pier has surfaced in several films given its location next to Hollywood and its photogenic scenes. The pier's cameos include the Falling Down's final shot where the character of Michael Douglas is reunited with his family and the Point Break scene where Keanu Reeves purchases his surfboard. There are also numerous activities and amenities near the pier that draws visitors to the area. Many restaurants and shops can be found at the entrance of the pier, the Roundhouse Aquarium, and the volleyball courts scattered the nearby sand.


Bell Ave & 33rd St, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 802-5410

Manhattan Beach's Sand Dune Park is popular for its 100 feet high sand dunes. The park is a famous place for children and kids at heart. Steps and switchbacks head to a nature area, acting as a path that provides several methods to reach the summit. The plants along the trail offer an interesting and educational nature walk. Visitors can enjoy the city's panoramic views from the peak of the sand dune. The park also features a small playground with swings, climbing equipment, and a merry-go-round.


2 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 379-8117

The Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium acts as the Oceanographic Teaching Stations' educational facility located in Manhattan Beach Pier. Inside of the facility is viewing tanks and touch tanks that both display a large variety of fish and marine invertebrates. The Roundhouse Aquarium aims to provide ocean science education for all ages from discovering to experiencing and connecting with the ocean's wonders. They also offer summer science beach camp, sand sculpture contest, and more.


The sun sets in the west and rises in the east, making any of California's beach towns a perfect place to witness the sunset. Manhattan Beach is a great place to observe the sun sink above the horizon and wander along the sand while the sky bursts in colors. Winter sunsets are generally the most colorful so visitors during the winter season are in for a special treat. Go on a picnic dinner or head to Bliss Beach for an Instagram-worthy beach set-up that includes a large rug, a side table, day beds, and an umbrella.

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