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Best Tourist Attractions in Manhattan Beach, CA

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Manhattan Beach is one of the most intriguing beach towns in the area of Los Angeles. A whole lot of Manhattan Beach oozes fun living, surf, sand, and sun. Additionally, this sunny town is popular for its pristine and beautiful beaches with lots of paved walkways and volleyball nets. Manhattan Beach captivates visitors' hearts with its charming boutiques and oceanfront restaurants along with the ideal Californian weather and breathtaking views. Here are the best tourist attractions located in Manhattan Beach, California.

Sand Dune Park

Bell Ave and 33rd St, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 802-5410

Developed in 1964, Sand Dune Park is a favorite stop for kids and kids at heart. Switchbacks and steps serve as a trail that offers different routes to reach the top of the nature area. The trail loops through various plants and provides an educational and interesting nature walk. The east-facing panoramic view of the city can also be seen at the top of the dune. Sand Dune Park features a small fenced play area for children with a merry-go-round, climbing equipment, and swings. Aside from that, the three-acre park includes picnic facilities, picnic tables, drinking fountains, restrooms, and an open pavilion. Sand Dune Park is also a great spot for bird watching in the South Bay. No less than 163 different bird species have been spotted in the area by Wild Birds Unlimited.

Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium

Manhattan Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 379-8117

Despite being the smallest aquarium on the California Coast, the location and free admission of the Roundhouse Aquarium is hard to beat. Roundhouse is located near Los Angeles at Manhattan Beach Pier's end. Marine animals can be viewed in touch tanks and glass tanks inside the aquarium. The aquarium has a few tanks with mollusks and local fish and interpretative signs. The goal of the organization is to educate children rather than gaining profit and volunteers work in the area. Small donations are highly encouraged to keep their efforts going.

Manhattan Beach Pier

2 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Built in 1920, Manhattan Beach Pier is one of Santa Monica Bay's prettiest piers and a wonder to snapshot thanks to its turquoise steel railings and attractive red-roofed roundhouse. The parking lot lined by palm trees at the beginning of the pier completes the picture-perfect scene. Various restaurants and shops can be found at the entrance of the pier, the free admission roundhouse aquarium located at the end of the pier, and volleyball courts cover that nearby sand.

Downtown Manhattan Beach

1142 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

(310) 379-9901

Downtown Manhattan Beach, founded in 1912, is dubbed as the Pearl of the South Bay. Downtown Manhattan Beach features award-winning chefs and restaurants, amazing sunsets, fashionably chic shops, and mouth-watering eatery choices steps away from the beach. Spend a shopping day like a local at the Downtown's variety of 80 retail stores. Compared to the area's other beach towns, Manhattan Beach exudes an urban vibe that perfectly compliments the shore. Several favorite local restaurants include Fishing With Dynamite and Nick's Manhattan Beach.

The Strand

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

The top preferred pleasure of most locals and visitors in Manhattan Beach is a very simple one. Take a stroll and walk down The Strand, the common name of the beachside sidewalk. The miles to walk in either direction offers plenty of places to drink and eat and countless things to see including the impressive views of the blue ocean and sandy beaches. Strolling along The Strand is the perfect way to appreciate the fantastic beauty of Manhattan Beach.

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