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Why Manhattan Beach, California is a Great Place to Live

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Home to millionaires, volleyball players, and surfers, Manhattan Beach is a relaxed and easygoing beach town with numerous boutiques, respectable nightlife, and diverse dining scenes. Also known for its casual, laid-back beach culture, mild weather, and two-mile beach, Manhattan Beach has more to offer than just being near Los Angeles and having fairly good traffic. Here are the reasons why Manhattan Beach is a great place to live.

Year-round Beautiful Weather

The location of the city on Santa Monica Bay's southern end offers the top-rated easy climate in California. A mild temperature is enjoyed by the residents all year with the summer highs averaging in the mid-70s and the mid-50s for winter lows. Sunny skies are the usual and with its 40-acre beach, Manhattan Beach is the ideal spot to bask in the sun.

Excellent Schools

One of the vital draws for families to Manhattan Beach is the superb public school system. The community is filled up with a few of the top private and public schools in Los Angeles County with award-winning campuses and top educators. Sports programs and academic standing in each school create some of the top colleges in the nation.

Well-known colleges in Manhattan Beach include the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC). Community colleges are also available in the area including Long Beach Community College and El Camino College.

The Events

Many events in Manhattan Beach stir the soul of the locals besides the idyllic regular beach life. Pollywog Park features free concerts every Sunday during summer which is more like a picnic with amazing live music. A fun beer garden, a festival, and Saturday morning 10k are hosted by the Old Hometown Fair during the first weekend of October.

The Holiday Open House features downtown shops that provide refreshment and entertainment for strollers in the evening. In addition to that, the most amazing event, the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks during December's second Sunday is a spectacular show that brings thousands of people in a festive, high-spirited holiday mood.


This beach town is a perfect place if you are looking for a refined but relaxed community. Known for its beautiful beaches, quaint shopping areas, and comfortable lifestyle. The city guarantees safety and comfort by providing active neighborhood watch and offering additional programs to strengthen security.

Manhattan Beach also holds an excellent environmental record and implements various sustainability projects that include conversing water, recycling, and lowering energy usage. Plastic shopping bags distribution in all retail businesses within city limits is also banned. Manhattan Beach is a preferable place for many with its proximity to Los Angeles' businesses, accessibility to LAX, and beach access. Individuals who work in Los Angeles and want to retire at a beach town at night love living in Manhattan Beach.

Activities and Nightlife

Manhattan Beach is located just north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles alongside the Pacific Ocean. Recreational activities that are most popular and common in this city include the beach itself which is suitably located for everyone that lives within the limits of the city. Surfing is one of the top outdoor activities in Manhattan Beach proper. The beach town has a variety of surfing shops, surfing clubs, and surf lessons for surfing enthusiasts. Simultaneously, Manhattan Beach is located between plenty of other cities that feature other outdoor activities like paddleboarding, camping, hiking, and more.

The surrounding areas and the town itself are home to diverse and highly rated restaurants, bars, and breweries such as the Phantom Carriage Brewery, Brewco, and Simmzy's. As it is conveniently situated in Los Angeles' vicinity, Manhattan Beach has lots to present in regards to nightlife. Locals and visitors have access to the best nightclubs and bars in the area like the Grunions and Shellback Tavern.

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